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Physical Setting 2.7

Surface water transport with trade winds and westerlies; divergence and convergence.

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Physical Setting 2.6

Effects of the wind on the ocean's surface and average deflection.

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Enduring Understandings

Owen Guthrie discusses the concept of Enduring Understandings

From  Joseph Jackson 4 Months ago 47 views

First Contact Assignments

Hillary VanSpronsen of the UAF Math Department discusses some of her ideas for first contact assignments.

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iTeach – Reflection in the Classroom

UAF eLearning's Christen Bouffard and Chris Lott discuss reflection in the classroom.

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Fitness Landscapes

Professor Devin Drown explains fitness landscapes

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Gwich'in Sounds - Consonants

Gwich'in Language Instructor Paul Williams, Jr. sounds out consonants of the Gwich'in Language

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Quality Matters: Alignment

Owen Guthrie gives a brief overview of how alignment is achieved within the Quality Matters program.

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