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Sample Quiz 8 for feedback

Here's a version of Quiz 8 that looks remarkably like the actual Quiz 8 from Spring 2024, worked out in detail so you can get some feedback before the midterm.

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Worksheet: Final Exam Review

Worksheet: Final Exam Review. With commentary. And a bonus Newtons's Method problem.

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In the Spotlight: Denise Thorsen

Zoom Recording ID: 85937136563 UUID: 2+UK8uPuQgyPfZE2RQrhkQ== Meeting Time: 2021-02-09T21:47:22Z

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February Teaching Spotlight: Denise Thorsen

Denise Thorsen, Professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of Alaska Space Grant and Alaska NASA EPSCoR programs, was in the Spotlight on Teaching for the month of February.…

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