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Teaching Online at UAF

The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers a wide variety of online classes across multiple disciplines, including 27 fully online degree programs. Take a peek into some of these courses and see how…

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First Contact Assignments

Hillary VanSpronsen of the UAF Math Department discusses some of her ideas for first contact assignments.

From  Christen Bouffard 7 Months ago 45    0  

iTeach – Reflection in the Classroom

UAF eLearning's Christen Bouffard and Chris Lott discuss reflection in the classroom.

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Fitness Landscapes

Professor Devin Drown explains fitness landscapes

From  Devin Drown 7 Months ago 21    0  

Gwich'in Sounds - Consonants

Gwich'in Language Instructor Paul Williams, Jr. sounds out consonants of the Gwich'in Language

From  Jennifer Moss 8 Months ago 17    0  

How Genes Work

Learning Glass lecture detailing how genes work. Presented by Prof. Kristin O'Brien for Biology 115: Fundamentals of Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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