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Blackboard Bitez: Getting started with your Blackboard course

In this Blackboard Bitez, we'll show you how to get started with your Blackboard course. Especially if you have not used Blackboard before, or just a little, this should help you get started. …

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Blackboard Bitez: My Courses Navigation

This video shows you how to make it easier to navigate to your courses in Blackboard. Editing the My Courses module in Blackboard lets you hide courses you no longer need to see and change the order…

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Blackboard Bitez: Smart Views

A Smart View is a filtered view of specific columns in the Grade Center. It allows you to select a subset of columns, for example for a particular set of assessments or students. When your Grade…

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WLF 101, Moose Harvest Lab

On November 23rd, 2019, the UAF Wildlife 101 class ventured down to Delta Junction to partake in a moose harvest.

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Building a Pinhole Camera

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Letters, Part 2

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The Quality Matters Hub

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Thermohaline Ocean Circulation

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CHEM 105: The "Unsafety" Lab

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CS 180, Module 5

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Introduction to Accreditation

Rob Prince, a faculty member in UAF's Communications & Journalism department, explains what accreditation is, how it impacts UAF, and what you can do to help!

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Rick Thoman and the International Arctic Research Center

Researcher Rick Thoman gives a brief background of his career, as well as what the International Arctic Research Center at UAF is doing to evaluate climate change.

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Climate vs. Weather

UAF eCampus and IARC (International Arctic Research Center) present a video showcasing the difference between climate and weather.

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Welcome to FISH 320: Salmon, People, Place

Peter Westley introduces his UAF course, FISH F320: Salmon, People, Place from a fish camp along the Yukon River. For more information or to enroll, visit

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FISH 394: Salmon, People and Place (Course Teaser)

Sign up for Peter Westley's FISH 394: Salmon, People and Place, coming Spring 2019

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