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Worksheet: The Definite Integral

Worksheet: The Definite Integral

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Worksheet: Approximating Areas under a Curve

Approximating areas under a curve by adding up rectangles

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Local and Indigenous knowledge: How to respectfully include it in youth projects - Malinda Chase

Zoom Recording ID: 82522922636 UUID: QSQDkmrQRxuunkyPw7zK3g== Meeting Time: 2022-01-15 05:51:18pm

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One Health Seminar: Dr. Joseph Dudley

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Chancellor's forum on the budget

Chancellor Dan White hosted a forum on UAF's budget from 1- 2 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 19. UA system has been asked to provide areas for potential investment by the state for FY23 and the campus…

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Glacier Travel and Route Finding

This presentation covers some tricks and tips for finding a route on a glacier, being prepared while traveling on a glacier, and goes into some of the real-world problems that can occur during a…

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Intro Video: "Area So Far" Functions

area so far functions

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Intro Video: The Definite Integral

The definite Integral

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Intro Video: Areas and Distances

Areas and distances

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Thermohaline Ocean Circulation

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Episode 01: Waterfowl, Hunting Science Podcast

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Sme MS Defense Seminar

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One Health Seminar Micah Hahn

Understanding the risk of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in Alaska

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Nielsen PhD Seminar

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