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Intro to the Course: A Train Arrives at the Station

A Train Arrives at the Station, by the Lumier brothers, is one of the first files, and technically one of the first documentaries. In this week's introduction we talk about: 05:00 Bullet Time…

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The Hollywood Studio System: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

This week we are watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

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Intro to the 1920's: Metropolis

This week we talk about the film Metropolis and look at some of the devices early movies use to tell a story.

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Intro to the 1940's: It's a Wonderful Life

One of the iconic American Christmas stories, this week we look at It's a Wonderful Life and talk about its effects on culture.

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Intro to the 1930's: Bringing Up Baby

This week we all watch the crazy classic, Bringing Up Baby.

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