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Algebra preparation for MATH F251X calculus 1, on exponential functions, logarithmic functions, inverse functions, and inverse trigonometric functions.

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Dr. Lisa Arrastia: Love Pedagogy: Oral History Remix and Disrupting Notions of Difference

Dr. Arrastia and the public will attempt to bring into being “diverse, untidy social dreams” by listening to oral history remixes produced by young people and adults engaging a new genre…

From  Ashley Lindsoe 28 plays

Intro Video: The Limit of a Function

Determining limits graphically and numerically

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Logging Into A WordPress Class Website

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Episode 10: Care of Meat in the Alaska Wilderness

In this episode, I talk with Randy Brown about his knowledge of care of red meat and fish that he obtained during his 15 years of living in the Alaska bush. We start our conversation by having Randy…

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Building a Pinhole Camera

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