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Worked Homework Problems: #382 and 385 from Section 4.8 (L'Hopital's Rule)

Worked examples: #382 and #385 from section 4.8 of OpenStax Calcuus 1 (on L'Hopital's Rule)

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Yup'ik Language App

We are developing a Yup'ik Language App focusing on the dialect in the Iliamna Lake region!We are asking community members of the Iliamna Lake region to share what they think should be captured…

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Intro Video: Linear Approximation and Differentials

Tangent line approximation, linearization, and differentials

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Intro Video: Infinite Limits

More discussion of limits and asymptotes, and some cautionary tales about approximating limits computationally.

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Recording a Screencast and Upload to the UAF Media Server

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CS 180, Module 5

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