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Worksheet: Linear Approximations and Differentials

Worksheet: linear approximations (tangent line approximations) and differentials

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Intro Video: The Definite Integral

The definite Integral

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Weather Forecast Clinic

Zoom Recording ID: 87696609713 UUID: JUBIAlysTZ6ohuJQmk8Oww== Meeting Time: 2020-10-23T01:07:37Z

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Intro Video: Derivatives and Rates of Change

Tangent lines, velocity, rates of change, and the definition of the derivative at a point

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Delta Clearwater Trip Plan

This presentation gives the general information and logistics to float the Delta Clearwater either as a day trip or an overnight trip. It also includes maps, a discussion of hazards, and gear lists…

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Chapter 13 Part II

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Chapter 13 Part I

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Chapter 12 Part VII

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Chapter 12 Part VI

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Chapter 12 Part V

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Chapter 12 Part IV

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Episode 05: Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Hunting Science

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