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Jack River Ice

This video will help folks to get out and enjoy climbing the ice waterfall in the Jack River Valley. It includes logistics, route information, maps, and gear for this adventure.

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Video of working out the worksheet for Math F251X Week 5 Recitation Activity: preparation for Midterm 1

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Recitation Worksheet for Week 4 of Calculus 1: Algebra for Derivatives

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Section 4.2

The Mean Value Theorem

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Avalanche Awareness Clinic

This presentation is designed to introduce people to avalanche safety. It includes information about the basic types of avalanches, recognizing avalanche terrain and knowing how to use planning…

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Section 4.8.mp4

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Avalanche Rescue Clinic Classroom

This outlines the details for heading out to the mountains, what to bring, strategic mindset, what gear is needed, some basics of forming an opinion about the snowpack, communication before entering…

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Section 3.5

Implicit Differentiation

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Section 3.1

Derivatives of sums and differences, the power rule, derivatives of polynomials and exponential functions

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Section 2.8

Graphical differentiation

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Section 2.7 and 2.8

The derivative as a function

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Section 2.7

Tangent lines, velocity, rates of change, and the definition of the derivative at a point

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Pre-class video for section 1.1

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Chapter 13 Part IV

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Chapter 13 Part I

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Pacific-slope Flycatcher Identification

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