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Math F251X Calculus I Recitation Video: Practice Integral Proficiency Test

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Math F251X Recitation Video: warmup for Integral Proficiency Test

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Recitation activity for Math F251X: preparation for Midterm 2. Related rates, linearization, optimization, beginnings of integration, L'Hôpital's rule.

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Recitation Video for Math F251X: practice with using L'Hopital's rule (or not!) to compute certain limits, and thinking about the relationship between derivatives and antiderivatives, plus…

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Recitation Video for Math F251X. Setup of homework problems related to optimization.

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Worked out solution to Math F251X Calc I section 3.8 #318 (find vertical tangents to an implicitly defined curve).

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Recitation video for Math F251X Calculus 1 covering finding critical points and thinking about horizontal and vertical asymptotes.

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Recitation video for calculus 1: practice derivative proficiency test.

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Derivatives of exponentials and logs, mini-derivative proficiency, geometric reminders for word problem setups.

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Video of working out the worksheet for Math F251X Week 5 Recitation Activity: preparation for Midterm 1

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Recitation Worksheet for Week 4 of Calculus 1: Algebra for Derivatives

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Calculus I Recitation - Algebra for Limits

This video accompanies the worksheet for Recitation Week 3, on Algebra for Limits

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Chanel Miller- Know My Name

Librarian Genova Boyd is joined by Rinam Kowalski (they/them), Prevention Specialist for the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living, and Sabrina Headrick (she/her) from the UAF Student Health…

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Glacier Travel and Route Finding

This presentation covers some tricks and tips for finding a route on a glacier, being prepared while traveling on a glacier, and goes into some of the real-world problems that can occur during a…

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Section 4.4

Limits of indeterminate type and L'Hospital's Rule

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Section 3.4

The chain rule

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