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Worksheet: More Related Rates Setup

A runthrough of how to set up (what we know, what we want, what relates these quantities) three related rates problems.

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Worksheet: Derivatives and Rates of Change

Derivatives and Rates of Ch

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Geoscience Department Seminar, 2021-09-03 - Lightning Talks

Zoom Recording ID: 84245833900 UUID: fBrPlqsRSTe420QyzFhHyQ== Meeting Time: 2021-09-03T18:47:58Z

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Water is like Learning - A Beaver Metaphor

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Physiological Ecology of Hibernation

A look into the hibernation process of arctic ground squirrels with biology and wildlife student, Sara Wilbur. See a live ground squirrel slowly emerge from hibernation, including a special look…

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Vegetative Morphology (Part II)

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Vegetative Morphology (Part I)

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