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Midterm 2 debrief

Overview of how to solve the problems on the Spring 2024 midterm 2. (Not full solutions, just discussion of solution techniques and issues to be aware of -- full solutions available separately.)

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Sample quiz 9

Sample Quiz 9 for feedback before the exam.

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Sample Quiz 8 for feedback

Here's a version of Quiz 8 that looks remarkably like the actual Quiz 8 from Spring 2024, worked out in detail so you can get some feedback before the midterm.

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Recitation 5: Prep for Midterm 1

(fixed #6)

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Worksheet: Integrals involving exponentials and logs

Worksheet: Integrals involving exponential functions and logarithmic functions

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Worksheet: Substitution-MorePractice

Worksheet: Substitution-MorePractice

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Worksheet: Optimization (Day 1)

Worksheet: Optimization (Day 1)

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Worksheet: More Related Rates Setup

A runthrough of how to set up (what we know, what we want, what relates these quantities) three related rates problems.

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Worksheet: The chain rule (extra practice)

Worksheet: The chain rule (extra practice)

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Worksheet: More Trig Derivatives, and Higher Order Derivatives

Worksheet: some more practice on trigonometric derivatives, and problems on higher order derivatives

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Worksheet: Continuity

Worksheet: Continuity and the intermediate value theorem

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Recitation Video for Math F251X. Setup of homework problems related to optimization.

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Video of working out the worksheet for Math F251X Week 5 Recitation Activity: preparation for Midterm 1

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In the Spotlight: Denise Thorsen

Zoom Recording ID: 85937136563 UUID: 2+UK8uPuQgyPfZE2RQrhkQ== Meeting Time: 2021-02-09T21:47:22Z

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One Health Seminar: Dr. Muhammad Hamid Zaman

Zoom Recording ID: 82995574704 UUID: nnFVjlt8S46Rv97Uc+UQAA== Meeting Time: 2021-09-27T22:44:00Z

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DH 9 sec 2.5 #46

Worked out solution to section 2.5 #46, which there were questions about in class.

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