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Worksheet: Optimization (Day 2)

Worksheet: Optimization (Day 2)

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Intro Video: Derivatives of Sine and Cosine

Intro Video: Proving that the derivative of sin(x) is cos(x) and that the derivative of cos(x) is -sin(x).

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Intro Video: Related Rates

Related Rates

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Intro Video: Derivatives of Trig Functions

Derivatives of trigonometric functions

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Vascular Plant Morphology: Reproductive Morphology Part II

Professor Steffi Ickert-Bond draws and annotates some diagrams of reproductive structures in vascular plants.

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Teaching Tip: Collect Student Viewing Data in Kaltura Mediaspace

Kaltura Mediaspace, UAF’s video and media delivery platform, gives users greater control over their videos than similar platforms. Instructors can view analytics of videos they deploy from…

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Fitness Landscapes

Professor Devin Drown explains fitness landscapes

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