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Worksheet Video: Derivatives of exponentials and logarithms, day 2

Worksheet Video: Derivatives of exponentials and logarithms, day 2, focusing on derivatives of logs

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Worksheet: Derivatives of Exponentials and Logarithms, day 1

Worksheet on derivatives of exponentials and logarithms, focusing on exponential functions

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Worksheet: Continuity

Worksheet: Continuity and the intermediate value theorem

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Worksheet: Review of Functions

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Math F251X Calculus I Recitation Video: Practice Integral Proficiency Test

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Recitation Video for Math F251X: practice with using L'Hopital's rule (or not!) to compute certain limits, and thinking about the relationship between derivatives and antiderivatives, plus…

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Recitation video for calculus 1: practice derivative proficiency test.

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Derivatives of exponentials and logs, mini-derivative proficiency, geometric reminders for word problem setups.

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Algebra preparation for MATH F251X calculus 1, on exponential functions, logarithmic functions, inverse functions, and inverse trigonometric functions.

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Calculus I Recitation - Algebra for Limits

This video accompanies the worksheet for Recitation Week 3, on Algebra for Limits

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Intro Video: Limits of indeterminate type and L'Hôpital's Rule

Limits of indeterminate type and L'Hospital's Rule

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Intro Video: Antiderivatives


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Intro Video: Exponential growth and decay

Exponential growth and decay

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Review: Inverse Functions

inverse functions (including logarithms and inverse trigonometric functions)

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Water is like Learning - A Beaver Metaphor

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Chapter 15 part IV

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