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Worksheet: Maximums and Minimums

Worksheet: Maximums and Minimums

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Worksheet: Review Of Functions (Part 2)

Worksheet: Review of Functions, second part

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Worksheet: Review of Functions

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Calculus I Recitation - Algebra for Limits

This video accompanies the worksheet for Recitation Week 3, on Algebra for Limits

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Weather Forecast Clinic

Zoom Recording ID: 87696609713 UUID: JUBIAlysTZ6ohuJQmk8Oww== Meeting Time: 2020-10-23T01:07:37Z

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Review: Functions and Models

Review video: functions and models

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Steller's Jay Identification

Brief descriptions of the museum specimens and still photos (ventral, side, dorsal) of all species covered in lab on March 24.

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#facdev 12 Days of Google - Google Search

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Nielsen PhD Seminar

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BIOL F190 Welcome to Intro to Alaska Flora

Welcome to the course Intro to Alaska Flora. I'm your instructor Steffi Ickert-Bond and these are the places you will find me on the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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