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Worksheet: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (day 1)

Worksheet: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (day 1)

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Worksheet: More Trig Derivatives, and Higher Order Derivatives

Worksheet: some more practice on trigonometric derivatives, and problems on higher order derivatives

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Worksheet: Derivatives and Rates of Change

Derivatives and Rates of Ch

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Introducing the Lower Tanana Dene Dictionary

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Yup'ik Language App

We are developing a Yup'ik Language App focusing on the dialect in the Iliamna Lake region!We are asking community members of the Iliamna Lake region to share what they think should be captured…

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Dr. Lisa Arrastia: Love Pedagogy: Oral History Remix and Disrupting Notions of Difference

Dr. Arrastia and the public will attempt to bring into being “diverse, untidy social dreams” by listening to oral history remixes produced by young people and adults engaging a new genre…

From  Ashley Lindsoe 31 plays

Intro Video: The Mean Value Theorem

The Mean Value Theorem

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Intro Video: The Definite Integral

The definite Integral

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Day 1 Climate & Energy Connections in My Community video 2_8-3-2020

Zoom Recording ID: 98800462112 UUID: /hgEduEjTCiIo40hC1Ok7g== Meeting Time: 2020-08-03T18:23:31Z

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Review: Transformation of Functions

transformation of functions

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Welcome to the Course!

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