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Worksheet: Secants, tangents and velocity

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Math F251X Calculus I Recitation Video: Practice Integral Proficiency Test

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Math F251X Recitation Video: warmup for Integral Proficiency Test

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Recitation activity for Math F251X: preparation for Midterm 2. Related rates, linearization, optimization, beginnings of integration, L'Hôpital's rule.

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Recitation Video for Math F251X: practice with using L'Hopital's rule (or not!) to compute certain limits, and thinking about the relationship between derivatives and antiderivatives, plus…

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Recitation video for calculus 1: practice derivative proficiency test.

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Derivatives of exponentials and logs, mini-derivative proficiency, geometric reminders for word problem setups.

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Intro Video: "Area So Far" Functions

area so far functions

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Intro Video: Exponential growth and decay

Exponential growth and decay

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Intro Video: The Derivative as a Function

The derivative as a function

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Chapter 13 Part IV

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Teaching Tip: Collect Student Viewing Data in Kaltura Mediaspace

Kaltura Mediaspace, UAF’s video and media delivery platform, gives users greater control over their videos than similar platforms. Instructors can view analytics of videos they deploy from…

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