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Compiling C++

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Worksheet: Approximating Areas under a Curve

Approximating areas under a curve by adding up rectangles

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Worksheet: The derivative as a function

Worksheet: The derivative as a function

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Worksheet: The Limit of a Function

Worksheet on finding limits numerically and graphically

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Recitation Worksheet for Week 4 of Calculus 1: Algebra for Derivatives

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Intro Video: The Definite Integral

The definite Integral

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Intro Video: Areas and Distances

Areas and distances

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Intro Video: Derivatives and the Shape of a Graph

How derivatives affect the shape of a graph: increasing/decreasing and concave up / concave down

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Intro Video: Continuity

Continuity, and the intermediate value theorem

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Intro Video: Infinite Limits

More discussion of limits and asymptotes, and some cautionary tales about approximating limits computationally.

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Intro Video: The Limit of a Function

Determining limits graphically and numerically

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Insiders Guide to Grapefruit Rocks

This multi-media guide provides tips and strategies for getting started climbing at Grapefruit Rocks. There is a brief history of the area, a discussion of some of the risks, and guidance for…

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Delta Clearwater Trip Plan

This presentation gives the general information and logistics to float the Delta Clearwater either as a day trip or an overnight trip. It also includes maps, a discussion of hazards, and gear lists…

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Welcome to Level Up: Foundations + Innovations in Distance Learning

This summer, UAF eCampus wants to support UAF faculty as they find their footing in distance-based learning. Instructional designers will be hosting Level Up: Foundations & Innovations in…

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Blackboard Bitez: Smart Views

A Smart View is a filtered view of specific columns in the Grade Center. It allows you to select a subset of columns, for example for a particular set of assessments or students. When your Grade…

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Building a Pinhole Camera

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