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Derivatives of exponentials and logs, mini-derivative proficiency, geometric reminders for word problem setups.

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Algebra preparation for MATH F251X calculus 1, on exponential functions, logarithmic functions, inverse functions, and inverse trigonometric functions.

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Section 3.9

Related Rates

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Section 1.4: exponential functions

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Mount Prindle Backpacking

This guide provides information for folks who wish to do a backpacking trip in the Mount Prindle area. Logistics, maps, gear list and a discussion of risks are included.

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Chapter 15 Part VII

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Chapter 15 Part V

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Chapter 15 Part III

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Chapter 15 Part II

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Chapter 15 Part I

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Vascular Plant Morphology: Reproductive Morphology (Fruits, Part IV)

Professor Steffi Ickert-Bond delves deeper into fruits and their features

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Vascular Plant Morphology: Reproductive Morphology Part II

Professor Steffi Ickert-Bond draws and annotates some diagrams of reproductive structures in vascular plants.

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Plant Morphology (Part I)

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The pH Scale, Acids & Bases

Learning Glass lecture on The pH Scale, Acids & Bases. Presented by Prof. Diane O'Brien for Biology 115: Fundamentals of Biology at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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