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Learnies 2023 Screening Reel

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Worksheet: Optimization (Day 1)

Worksheet: Optimization (Day 1)

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Worksheet: Linear Approximations and Differentials

Worksheet: linear approximations (tangent line approximations) and differentials

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Worksheet: More Related Rates Setup

A runthrough of how to set up (what we know, what we want, what relates these quantities) three related rates problems.

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Recitation activity for Math F251X: preparation for Midterm 2. Related rates, linearization, optimization, beginnings of integration, L'Hôpital's rule.

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Recitation Video for Math F251X. Setup of homework problems related to optimization.

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Derivatives of exponentials and logs, mini-derivative proficiency, geometric reminders for word problem setups.

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Chancellor's Forum on Shared Services

Chancellor White hosted a panel on shared services proposals. Panelists discussed the January rollout of shared services for travel and procurement as well as current discussions towards a shared…

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Intro Video: Optimization


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Intro Video: Related Rates

Related Rates

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Intro Video: Derivatives in the sciences

Rates of change in the natural and social sciences

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Chapter 14 Part VI

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Chapter 11 Part VI

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Chapter 11 Part II

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Snow Density

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